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Spring into luxury with our deluxe spring package. Our team of experts will first conduct a comprehensive spring clean up, removing any trace of winter debris with our leaf, twig removal, and edging. Followed up with our power-raking and vacuuming techniques that in addition to us providing the first mow and trim of the year will leave your lawn looking the freshest on the block. Secondly performing an aeration(sometimes done at later date weather dependent), promoting deeper root growth and optimal absorption of water, nutrients and oxygen. Lastly, we will complete the package by over-seeding 17lbs over the lawn to improve density and colour. Don't wait, book now and transform your lawn into a luxurious oasis this spring.

Elevate your lawn to the epitome of luxury with our aeration service. Our expert technicians will utilize the equipment to remove soil plugs, promoting deeper root growth and allowing for optimal absorption of water, nutrients, and oxygen. For best results, combine our premium aeration service with over-seeding today to see your lawn transformed into a lush, oasis.

Bring new life to your lawn with our premium grass seed. Our formulated seed blends are specifically designed to thrive in our local climate and soil conditions, resulting in a lush, green lawn you'll be proud of. Don't settle for a mediocre lawn, upgrade your lawn with our premium grass seed and see the difference it can make. Order now and start enjoying a beautiful lawn in no time.

Prepare your property for the beautiful spring season with our elite spring clean up. Allow our team of experts to remove any trace of winter debris with leaf and twig removal, Then we will bring new life to your lawn with our experienced power-raking and vacuuming techniques, guaranteed to leave your lawn looking revitalized and refreshed. We complete the transformation with a premium mow and trim service, leaving your lawn perfectly groomed and pristine. Indulge with our spring clean up experience, book now and elevate your property to new heights.

Keep your lawn looking impeccable all season long with our professional mowing service. Our team of experts will use the newest equipment and techniques to ensure a precise and polished cut, leaving your lawn with a clean, manicured appearance. Our services include regular mowing, trimming to maintain the shape and health of your lawn, finished by blowing off hard surfaces to make your yard pop. Book now and enjoy a beautifully groomed lawn all season long.

Liquid Fertilizer and Weed Control

Two applications of liquid fertilizer and weed control done Spring and Summer.

Three applications of liquid fertilizer and weed control done Spring, Summer and Fall

Four applications of liquid fertilizer and weed control done Spring, Summer, Late Summer and Fall

Includes application of herbicide for elimination of grasses and weeds on driveways, rock beds and walkways. Applications are done every visit.

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† All prices based on lawns up to 4000 sq. ft. and do not include GST. Areas larger than 4000 sq. ft. may be subject to additional charges.

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